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Maps of Malls and Airports Coming to App Near You October 12, 2010

Posted by Bahadir Sahin in English, Haber (News).
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With the success and rapid adoption of online maps services in general it only makes sense that mapping services show up for places that we get lost in most often: airports and malls.

Ever been in a mall and wonder where that stinkin’ directory is? Ever had to race to said directory to find out where the restroom was only to discover in your mad rush you already passed it? Then you or your kid has to do the “bathroom run” (you what that looks like….half hunched over and knees together trying to run which isn’t natural) in hopes you get there in time?

Well, those days are over if you are smart phone smartie and have one of the several mall and airport map services like PointInside, FastMall, Aisle411 and Micello. The New York Times reports

Mobile phone maps have guided people through streets and alleys around the globe. But when those people step into a sprawling building, they can get lost.

Inside, people have to ask strangers for directions or search for a directory or wall map. A number of start-up companies are charting the interiors of shopping malls, convention centers and airports to keep mobile phone users from getting lost as they walk from the food court to the restroom. Some of their maps might even be able to locate cans of sardines in a sprawling grocery store.

As always, we need to ask the “So what?” question as it relates to Internet marketing. This one is pretty obvious. If your store is showing up one of these apps you may want to be talking to that restroom challenged person (especially if you are selling underwear….sorry but I had to go there). In addition, if there is difficulty getting a signal indoors these maps may be stored on your device so no worries.

In this case the age old phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention” holds very true as the founder of FastMall tells where his company came from.



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