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Geometry Pty Ltd releases the first true GIS for the iPhone February 2, 2010

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Geometry, a leading developer of innovative location based technologies, today announced the release of iGIS – the first GIS application to deliver true GIS functionality to the iPhone and iPod Touch.
The iGIS product represents a new era in the mobile GIS space allowing iPhone owners to load , view and add their own data over the Google Map background that is available on all iPhones.

iGIS is aimed at GIS users wanting a cost effective mobile application that will enable spatial data to be loaded onto an iPhone or iPod Touch, manipulated in the field, and returned to the enterprise database. Emphasis has been placed on ease of use resulting in an intuitive interface within the friendly iPhone environment.

The iGIS product provides:
. Great speed, using Geometry’s multi-threaded map renderer;
. Ability to add comments at any nominated point;
. Import and export using ESRI Shapefiles;
. Display of the current location using the iPhone GPS;
. Layer interrogation facility via a simple selection;
. Selected data display; and
. Coordinates of current position in any chosen projection.

Available for only $US19.99, iGIS is the most cost effective GIS available providing the ability to manage your own spatial data on the iPhone.

Importing data is easy with Geometry’s unique data import facility available for Mac, PC and Linux systems. Just point your browser at the iPhone’s URL and the import process starts. Your spatial data is stored on the iPhone, so there’s no need for an Internet connection to see your data, which is ideal for field work, especially in remote areas. iGIS also supports over 3000 projections, thus eliminating the need for conversion prior to loading.

iGIS is a fully functional GIS that includes the following capability:
. Support for multiple layers of points, lines or polygons;
. User defined styles for each layer (size, color, transparency);
. Rapid display using Geometry’s multi-threaded map renderer;
. Support for large datasets;
. Import and export using ESRI Shapefiles;
. Shows current location using the iPhone GPS;
. Zoom to current location;
. Zoom to data extent;
. Pan, zoom in and zoom out facilities;
. Layer ordering and layer management (on/off);
. Variable zoom scale for a layer via a simple slider;
. Interrogate layer information via a simple selection;
. Shows the selected data on the map; and
. Shows coordinates of current position in any chosen projection.

Following this initial release of the iGIS product Geometry will be seeking input from our customers to drive the development path and priorities of this exciting new product.

Reviewers are able to contact Geometry for a promotional code entitling them to a free copy of iGIS for review purposes. A limited number of these codes are available. A US iTunes account is required.



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