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Turkey’s Second largest City Izmir Launched their Internet based 3D GIS project January 13, 2010

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Izmir, which is the second largest city of Turkey launched their Internet based GIS application at 2nd GIS Congress held in Izmir. More than 100 scientific papers were presented and over 20 geospatial-related companies exhibited their latest products.

With the co-operation of City Surf, which is OGC complied GIS company Izmir Municipality pleased to announce that they have completed Internet based 3D GIS application project.

Program is used inside the organisation to integrate any kind of spatial data and MIS data to real 3d terrain, including intergration of CCTV cameras with real coordinates, which is called Live Video on Terrain. System also includes spatial data integration of 21 county council through internet with the authorisation given.

IT director of Izmir Municipality Dr.Ilhan Ekincioğlu states that “Having CitySurf in our organisation means that we have an access to most up to dated data produced in different departments of organisations, this includes even constantly changing data such as arsenic rates on drinkink water supplies, weather temprature or given planning permissions, roadworks, water pipes, gas pipes, public transportation and even live traffic situation with the integration of CCTV cameras. Having such a GIS Platform will help us to do better analysis, which will result delivering better public service”.

Second part of the project is for public. Some of the GIS data exist on the system is also opened to public access on Izmir 3D City Information System. Since visitors from public can see the City on real 3D environment, project generated tremendous public interest and participation, which seems to be the downsize of the GIS investements.

He states that “One thing is clear, public participation. On a daily base Izmir 3D City Information system is visited by 1200 concurrent user and in total 15000 people perday. People use our system to search for their planning applications, cadastral data, nearest school, restaurants, hospital or surgery. We also found out that people are using even for managing their business with the client features of the program by integrating their ERP system to GIS data. Great thing is public can send their complaints e.g. uncollected beans, faulty street lights, unworkinng traffic lights, or information update or corrections by pointing location. We have had about 10.000 update from public through City Surf. This will help us to update our data and improve our services without municipality spending any money. As a result of this public participation municipality saved approximately about 30.000€. This is what Geo Web 2.0 technology about.”

Izmir 3D City Guide can be downloaded from Municipality web site http://www.izmir.bel.tr/en/default.asp



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