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Development of a GIS-based road network and traffic data base March 30, 2009

Posted by Bahadir Sahin in English, Haber (News).
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This report describes the development and content of a Danish national GIS-based road network and traffic data base for 1960-2005.

The National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), Aarhus University, has developed the road network and traffic data base over a period of years to be able to calculate air quality levels at any address in Denmark for any period during 1960-2005. The AirGIS system calculates traffic-related air quality levels and human exposure at address level for any user-specified time period (http://airgis.dmu.dk). The AirGIS system encompasses air quality models, GIS maps with roads and traffic data, building footprints with buildings heights, and address locations, as well as, data on vehicle emissions factors, meteorology and regional background concentrations.

The exposure assessment is used in epidemiological studies that examine the relation between exposure to air pollution and health effects. The road network and traffic data base has been applied in a number of air pollution epidemiological studies and research centres. These are the CEMIK study (2001-2008) about exposure to air pollution and risk for lung cancer, the TRIP centre (2000-2004) – Centre for Transport Research on Environmental and Health Impacts and Policy) ((www.akf.dk/trip), the RAV study (2002-2007) about risk for development of asthma among adults, and AIRPOLIFE (2004-2008). AIRPOLIFE is a Centre of Excellence devoted to the study and prevention of health effects of air pollution (www.airpolife.dk).

A historic and up-to-date national GIS-based road and traffic data base would have many benefits to society. It is not only a valuable information source for air quality assessment but also for assessment of traffic noise, and other environmental impact assessments related to traffic. It would also provide benefits for traffic analyses in road and traffic management.

It has become clear during the development of the GIS-based road and traffic data base that there is a need in Denmark for development of a uniform, standardised and geographic correct GIS-based data base with relevant road and traffic information for all roads in Denmark that is continuously updated in a committed co-operation between the state and the municipalities.



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