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City of Nashua Prepares to Fight Terrorists With Capturx(TM) January 31, 2009

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The digital pen is proving to be a mighty digital sword for federal, state, local, and private entities to collaborate and collect data to guard communities against threats. Today, Adapx (www.adapx.com) announced that the City of Nashua has successfully deployed Capturx for ArcGIS during a recent terrorist drill. City of Nashua joins 28 federal agencies and numerous state and local governments that are embracing Capturx software for digital pens, which enable designs, maps, and forms to be printed on ordinary paper, marked up with a digital pen, and then simply integrates that data directly into popular Microsoft® Office, GIS, and CAD applications.

Directors of the Nashua Emergency Operations Center (EOC) deployed the digital pen software in a scheduled exercise that involved local and state agencies such as police, fire, SWAT, IT, health, the Red Cross, ambulance services, and education. Capturx for ArcGIS was used to capture and disseminate time-sensitive field data to the EOC during a simulated terrorist attack, which included explosives, fires, hostages, and continuously changing circumstances.

“In a terrorist situation where field information is quickly changing, we have to be able to immediately capture, document, and disseminate emergency information to the EOC in real-time,” reported Angelo Marino, the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager for the City of Nashua. “Capturx for ArcGIS provides us with an easy way to collect data with digital pens on paper maps and an even better way to access this information with significant speed and simplicity. We can now upload, display, and share emergency information with a few clicks of the mouse.”

In previous drills, the flow of information from the field to the EOC proved challenging. Responders at the scene provided situational updates to departmental EOC staff via cell phone or radio. Verbal updates would then be manually documented on a map or form. To share the update with other departments at the EOC, the entire group would gather around a small flip chart for impromptu updates as the situation warranted. With over 20 agencies and 100 people located at the EOC, information did not always flow efficiently and the combination of verbal relays and transcription of data from the field was error prone.

The Solution: The Simplicity of Pen and Paper with Actionable Digital Data

To improve the flow of information from the field, Capturx for ArcGIS was deployed to collect and disseminate field intelligence back to the EOC. Teams printed maps on ordinary paper through ArcGIS and then took those maps into the field to record important information about fast-changing situations. Using the Capturx digital pen, the team member wrote on the map while the digital pen recorded every ink stroke. Once the pen was docked into its USB port on a PC or laptop, the data automatically appeared in the ArcGIS database and was then shared electronically with all team members. In the EOC, team members saw the information as it was collected in the field and there was no guessing or miscommunication through verbal relays. Also, since they were able to see the data within ArcGIS, appropriate team members could immediately manipulate the data and create different views and simulations.

“The City of Nashua provides an excellent example of an agency that immediately achieved efficiencies in their operations and communications under circumstances where time is truly of the essence,” said Ken Schneider, CEO of Adapx. “Capturx not only improved the timeliness and flow of information for the City of Nashua, it also facilitated faster and more accurate decision making.”



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