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2008 Proves a Strong Year for Cityworks December 31, 2008

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Azteca Systems, Inc., the leading provider of GIS-centric management solutions, announced today that the company experienced another year of strong, stable growth through 2008. Worldwide, forty-five new customers adopted Cityworks to manage assets, infrastructure, and property. In addition, a significant share of existing customers further deployed Cityworks into new areas of their organization.

Cityworks’ powerful, yet easy-to-use management tools provide organizations the ability to manage and maintain assets, track customer issues, and improve workflow. Built on ESRI’s ArcGIS software, Cityworks is the only software in its industry that fully takes advantage of GIS and spatial data to manage assets, giving agencies the ability to track critical data through maps and provide a complete solution for infrastructure needs. Customers continue to express their satisfaction with Cityworks whether they are implementing for the first time, expanding to new departments and divisions, or have been using the GIS-centric application for years.

“From my involvement with Azteca and Cityworks throughout the planning and implementation process, I believe that the only thing better than Azteca’s marketing, project management, and technical coordination is the Cityworks software itself!” commented Bill Hodge, GIS Division Manager for the City of Midland, Texas. “Our first-round implementation within Transportation and Utilities is the beginning of a true enterprise-use of the Cityworks asset management software within the City. I have already started planning an expansion of my GIS capability to match the anticipated increase in Cityworks usage, as other departments start to see the productivity increase that can be realized through this great product.”

Cityworks version 4.5 was released this year, offering new and improved functionality and deployment options. With the introduction of Cityworks Server MMS – the world’s first browser-based, GIS-centric asset maintenance management system – users can now deploy Cityworks on their Intranet and throughout their enterprise while leveraging Azteca Systems’ unique Cross-Compatibility approach; using Cityworks Desktop and Anywhere for field, disconnected and/or remote users. Cityworks Server MMS is implemented at various sites in the United States , with several more deployments underway. In addition, Cityworks Permitting was introduced at the 2008 Cityworks User Conference, ushering in the first GIS-centric enterprise permitting solution.

In April, Azteca Systems announced the Cityworks Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) program in parallel with ESRI’s Small Government ELA, offering organization-wide GIS-centric asset maintenance management and permitting solutions for smaller agencies of 100,000 or less within a tiered, affordable pricing schedule. June saw the 2008 Cityworks User Conference – the company’s highest attended and most successful to date – offering attendees technical workshops and user and partner presentations while highlighting the various functions of the software in a unique networking experience. The 2009 Cityworks User Conference will be in beautiful St. George, Utah, October 21-23.

“We experienced another remarkable year in 2008,” states Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems. “We saw tremendous growth in our user base and as a company. We are more involved in the global market more than ever before, with client’s spanning from Canada to India and South Africa to Sweden. Our software and our people are the driving force behind our growth and corporate strength, and with the advent of our new Cityworks Server MMS and Cityworks Permitting products, we are confident that 2009 will continue to be yet another solid year for Azteca.”



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