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How to get trees cut November 28, 2008

Posted by Bahadir Sahin in English.

Please tell Amy Teegarden, the Honorable Jim Smith, and the rest of the City Commission to call FEMA and tell them to keep their mitigation grant. We have a local pine bark beetle problem and we can handle the tree removal locally. If Amy Teegarden wants to get the job done she will take the following steps:

1. Tell FEMA no thanks. We don’t have time for further studies.

2. Get a can of special-colored spray paint (bright green and yellow are both good colors). Mark the sick trees that need to be removed.

3. Get the city’s GIS program to make a map of the said marked tree locations and publish it in the IR.

4. Make a list of rules for wood cutting, i.e. no mechanized equipment other than chainsaws offroad, no blocking roadways, and stumps must be less than 10 inches tall.

5. Sell wood-cutting permits for a low price to cover the overhead. Make each permit recipient sign a statement that the woodcutting rules are understood and will be followed or the permit will be revoked.

6. Observe the progress. As more trees turn brown, mark them with the special spray paint and update the map.



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