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Companies to Develop Next-Generation Technologies for 3-D Imagery October 28, 2008

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Lockheed Martin and Pictometry International Corp., a leading provider of digital high-resolution aerial imagery for mapping and geographic analysis, have signed a collaboration agreement to provide next-generation geospatial technologies to federal, state and local government customers. The two companies will work together to integrate Pictometry’s unique imagery and algorithms with Lockheed Martin’s geospatial-intelligence analysis systems, creating powerful solutions for a wide variety of national and local applications.

“As a systems integrator in the geospatial arena, we’re committed to adapting and furthering innovative new technologies that will shape the future of our industry,” said Jim Kohlhaas, Lockheed Martin’s vice president of Spatial Solutions. “Pictometry’s extensive library of imagery and their advanced image processing algorithms can create highly realistic, three-dimensional models of city streets, mountainous terrain and everything in between. By combining those models with our existing visualization, analysis and collaboration tools, we’re able to offer our customers exciting new capabilities ranging from mission rehearsal and intelligence analysis to urban planning.”

As part of the agreement, Lockheed Martin will offer Pictometry image products for sale to its customers. The products will be available as stand-alone imagery libraries and as a service, allowing customers to purchase the imagery they want on demand. Lockheed Martin will also look for opportunities to integrate Pictometry’s imagery into existing systems to provide high-fidelity, three-dimensional models of geographic areas. Examples include applications for geospatial visualization, virtual worlds platforms, and advanced collaboration systems.

In addition, Lockheed Martin will work with Pictometry to adapt their patented algorithms and processing technologies for use in a military environment, helping to make the resulting imagery even more applicable to customers in the defense and global security markets.

“Lockheed Martin’s understanding of the military and intelligence communities will help us better tailor our product for the government’s needs. Lockheed Martin’s wide range of capabilities is essential when adapting our technology for military purposes,” said Steve Schultz, Pictometry’s Chief Technical Officer.

A leader in geospatial-intelligence systems, Lockheed Martin develops technology for collecting and disseminating imagery, fusing multi-source data into a common picture, and delivering that picture through web-based services to users in the field. The company creates immersive, layered maps that support mission planning, disaster response, and homeland security operations.



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