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London Street View: Right Here, Right Now, Go Play! October 23, 2008

Posted by Bahadir Sahin in English, Haber (News).
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Pretty much the whole of central London is now available in panoramic street view, much sooner than we’d expected. In plain English, you can now see photos of any street, shop, pub, house, office or dodgy sauna in the centre of town, as though you were stood in the road outside. All kinds of mischief await.

While all eyes have been on Google’s fleet of street-mapping cars, the little-known Italian company Seety have also had a roving digital eye for the capital. Now, they’ve beaten Google to the game, cheekily employing the Google Maps API to visualise their data.

The collection of some 200,000 panoramic photos covers around 1000 km of road. It’s a fun plaything, and handy for checking out locations before visiting them in the real world. But the dataset has already been employed in a more professional way by NovaLoca.com, a property search company, with the help of Earthware mapping solutions. Their interface uses Microsoft’s Virtual Earth instead of Google Maps and acts as a tool for viewing properties online.



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